Quality, not Quantity Dental Practice

Dr. Jean Piper has an established dental practice in Madison Wisconsin that focuses on quality, not quantity.

"We're a small neighborhood dental practice dedicated to providing dental care in a compassionate manner," said long-time practitioner Jean Piper, DDS.

Akin to the slow food movement, the goal of quality dentistry is to slow the pace way down so that patients spend actual face-to-face time with their dentist. By spending time with patients, dentists are better able to fully explain procedures, implications, and possible alternatives. Patients have opportunities to ask questions and not feel rushed.

"It's important that patients be given opportunities for questions and feel they have been heard," said Piper.   Moreover, Piper spends extra time collaborating with patients developing comprehensive treatment plans, which is not the norm.

Quality dentistry means that the dental practice limits the sheer volume of patients they see, which could mean less income for dentists who slow things down. However, the payoff is the development of long-term relationships.

When people feel respected and are an integral part in the development of their own treatment plan, they feel empowered. This empowerment leads to trust – something you can’t buy in the dental field.

Piper Dental is a thriving dental practice located in the Madison Wisconsin, Shorewood Hills / Hilldale area and serves clients in the greater Dane County region.

Our Madison area Dental office is conveniently located near Hilldale Mall : on Regent Street, between Midvale and Segoe. Many of our clients visit us from the Monroe St. and Shorewood Hills Neighborhoods: 4506 Regent St.

Telephone: (608) 233-4242

E-mail: jeanpiperdds@gmail.com

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