Madison WI Dentist Says Floss

In early August 2016, this was revealed: Feeling Guilty About Not Flossing? Maybe There’s No Need

A mild, smug uproar was heard as the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services removed literature on flossing from dietary guidelines.


Some researchers have argued there are no conclusive findings that flossing improves dental hygiene. A research report reviewed the last 10 years of dental flossing studies and concluded that that when compared to people who only brush their teeth and those who brush and floss, there wasn’t much of a difference.

Piper Dental thinks differently.

According to Jean Piper, "As a dentist, I can tell immediately, just by looking at a patient's mouth, whether he or she flosses. It's a fact that bacteria in dental plaque causes gum disease (gingivitis).  It gets on the teeth every day, and flossing is one way to prevent it."

Tooth brushes aren't effective in reaching in between teeth.  Flossing is a low-risk, low-cost procedure; Piper dental has NO hesitation to say floss. "It's not going to hurt, and we believe it does help."

Jean Piper also tells patients that flossing the right way is important.  Your gums hurt for a reason when you floss, and if you floss regularly, that pain goes away.

What does your “gut” say?  Remember back to a couple months ago when you flossed for the first time in a LONG time?

Remember the smell of the floss?


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